This service is offered through our sister company
Monocacy Neurodevelopment Center

Diagnostic clarification, understanding strengths and challenges, and intervention recommendations.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Specialized assessments for children, youth, and adults with detailed and practical recommendations.

  • Psychological and Educational Evaluations
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Developmental and Learning Challenges
  • Problems with Communicating and Relating
  • Attention (ADHD) and Executive Functioning Difficulties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Reading (Dyslexia), Writing and Math Difficulties

Learning Assessments

We provide comprehensive and targeted psychological and neuropsychological evaluations that identify a student’s specific strengths and challenges. Going beyond traditional measures of ability and achievement, our assessments profile underlying processes such as Sensory-Motor Functions, Attention, Working Memory, Executive Functions (behavioral regulation, inhibition, planning, organization), Memory and Learning, Auditory Processing, Visual-Spatial Functions, and Processing Speed.

Developmental Assessments

Our assessment process involves a multidisciplinary team who evaluate communication, social-emotional functioning and adaptive behavior. Parent and caregiver input and natural observations, are also used to profile a child’s functional abilities and challenges.

Behavioral Assessments

We use motivation assessment, functional behavior, analysis, and temperament evaluations to understand and make recommendations for improving a child’s behavior and happiness.